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Everybody in my family loves bread. Moreover, we became quite picky when it comes to its quality. So many years ago, to stay away from the typical mass-produced sliced bread you’d find in any grocery store, I started making my own bread at home. In the last 12 years, we went through 7 different bread machines and not one of them lasted long! These days, I just knead the dough by hand and bake the bread in the oven. While it takes a bit longer, the process is satisfyingly authentic, and the result is much better. Another important thing that I learned through trial and error is that your measurements have to be much more precise than a simple measuring cup and spoon would allow. Using digital scales allows you to be more consistent and to reproduce that perfect loaf you baked last week, the one that everybody has enjoyed so much.

The key to any bread making, is exactitude of the ingredients, good yeast, fresh flour, and patience!

My Experience

I chose this scale because I needed something that could measure a large number of ingredients. When you need 800 grams of flour to prepare pizza, using a small measuring cup is difficult and very inefficient. This scale allows me to measure a small or a large quantity of flour without making a mess everywhere. I just turn on the scale, put my mixing bowl on it and press zero. After that, I can just pour the flour in the mixing bowl and the scale measures the flour as I go!

I like the big digital screen, it is clear and the units of the measurement can be changed and are very readable. The instructions are very clear. The device even comes with batteries – ready to go out of the box! I bought this scale over a year ago, and while using it at least 3 times a week, I haven’t changed the batteries yet! It is easy to clean unless you have a big spill under the glass. In my experience that happened only once, and you wouldn’t want to repeat that mistake ;). Wipe the device clean with a wet soapy cloth and dry with a dishtowel. One negative point is that the lock button on the back is a bit hard to turn on or off, just because the button is a little small.

All in all, I like this scale. I had a manual scale before and another one that was the measuring cup integrated with a digital scale. The display on that one was small and hard to read. Also, since the cup is attached to the scale, I could not put more than 4 cups at a time, which is not enough for me. I like this scale because I can just put my bowl on it, set the scale to zero add the flour, set the scale back to zero and then add other ingredients without removing anything from the bowl. Now I can make my bread in a large quantity without using many different containers! No more mess and no more flat or wet bread. Perfect every time!

You can find this scale by following this link. If you decide to buy it, a small portion of the purchase price will go towards supporting this blog, for which I am grateful 🙂



I like this scale because I can just put my bowl on it, set the scale to zero add the flour, set the scale back to zero and then add other ingredients without removing anything from the bowl.


  • Inexpensive
  • Easy to operate
  • Clean look
  • Many units of measurement available
  • Versatile, to measure a small or big quantity of ingredients
  • Clear Instructions
  • Batteries included
  • Long-lasting batteries
  • Capability to set the scale back to zero before adding a new ingredient
  • Compact scale


  • Lock button in the back is hard to switch on and off
  • Washing under the glass could be difficult
  • Sometimes the scale does not detect very small weights, ex: 2 grams

Is it worth it?

Totally! If you do a lot of baking or cooking and need a good scale to measure a large number of ingredients at a time, this scale is for you! For less than $25 you cannot go wrong. Every cook should own a kitchen scale, and this one is so easy to use, you will not hesitate to take it out of the cabinet to measure your ingredients!

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Written by Melanie Dompierre

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