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As you know I am not only a food blogger and photographer but also a game designer. We have started our game studio back in 2007, and since then we have touched many different types of games. Today I am happy to present to you our newest word game.


The Idea of the Design of the game

Why we choose a Bee team for this game? We wanted to make a little homage to our hard-working bees from all around the world! Because of their hard work we have all the great choices of vegetables and fruits that you can find!

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Protect our little bees! How?

Plant more flowers, don’t use harmful pesticides and mostly don’t kill them! I know for a fact, and I was one of them, that some people are really afraid of bees. Don’t bee…:) Since I started gardening I have learned that if you don’t panic in the sight of them, and you stay calm they will never harm you! Bees are intelligent creature remember that. If they feel treated they will sting you and they will die:( As you know they are smart so you can imagine they don’t want to die unless you force them too.

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Be like a little bee!

Connect the letters and find all the words! Put your mind at ease with this new set of word puzzles! Swipe your finger over the letters to form words. Find all words in the list to advance to the next puzzle. Additional bonus words will give you extra coins.

• discover new words
• easy to play
• hundreds of puzzles to solve for you and your friends
• excellent word game to keep your brain sharp
• made for phones and tablets

If you like crosswords and word puzzles, this game is for you and your friends. Download and enjoy!

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If you would like to know about our games, take a look at our other website and discover tones of our smart games made for smart people:) Here the link to our other Website Second Gear Games.

Tittle of Wordiary

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Written by Melanie Dompierre

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